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Meet Tannis Sorge VCC’s Advanced Nursing Foot Care Instructor

For over 10 years, Tannis has been teaching Advanced Nursing Foot Care at VCC. Her passion and support continually impact the students in her classroom and her community of clients.

What do you love about teaching? Student arrive nervous to engage in education and unsure about making such a big change in their nursing practice. But within the first hour they are relaxed and by the end of the first day the excitement is growing. It’s so rewarding to be a part of an entrepreneurial nurse’s first steps.

What is your current career? I have been running two private practice clinics in the lower mainland for 21 years. I have many clients that I’ve seen for 20+ years, every 6 weeks. I’ve been in the business so long that I’m now seeing the next generation, that’s a pretty special and rewarding part of my job.

Education though is my primary focus now. I teach the Advanced Nursing foot care course, and workshops/bootcamps for advanced skills in both Canada and the US.  I am also a consultant for corporate partners that are setting up clinics.  

What do you love about having a private practice? We really know our clients; they trust and appreciate all that we do. They feel so fortunate to have a medical provider (in person) for 40 minutes 1-on-1 every 6 weeks, especially now with so many people without a family physician. The autonomy in my practice is a big piece of my job satisfaction. There’s no time clock, we choose our hours and holidays, we spend more time with a client if needed and work/life balance is a bonus that you just don’t have in other fields of nursing.

What is your best piece advice for someone starting out in this industry? Connect with other nurses and foot care communities. Nurses in private practice help and support each other. Starting a business takes perseverance and hard work, learn from others that’ve done it.

Do you have a favorite quote about feet? If you can’t see, easily reach or feel your feet … you shouldn’t touch them.

Why do you think foot care is an essential part of health care? Nursing foot care doesn’t stop at the foot, we see the whole person. Having a relationship with the clients and seeing them routinely allows for early detection and prompt referrals. Our service directly impacts client’s comfort, mobility and ability to extend independent living.